Elizabeth Norris, D.M.A.

Professor, Music And Performing Arts

“The greatest joy is watching a student with no arts background suddenly become turned on to Mozart or to Van Gogh,” She says. “It’s opening a door that a student has never before stepped through that provides the ultimate satisfaction.”

Opening doors to unimaginable dimensions is what Beth Norris likes most about her job and her interactions with students. A frequent teacher of “Experiencing the Arts” a mainstay of Lyndon’s general education curriculum, her focus is on exposing students – whatever their majors, interests and backgrounds – to the pleasures of music and art.

“Teaching music as part of the liberal arts is very different than teaching it in a conservatory setting.” Dr. Norris says. ”In a setting like this, you have to be prepared for a wide variety of commitment and sincerity levels. It means I have to be flexible.”

This might not seem the type of challenge that would be welcomed by someone who learned to read music before she learned to read words. And whose decision to concentrate on raising a family and teaching came at the expense of an operatic singing career. But, to the contrary, she loves what she does.


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