Rod Jacobson, M.B.A.

Associate Professor, Business

Having completed a 25-year career in the computer industry, Rod Jacobson is focusing his knowledge and experience on education. His expertise in information technology includes management and business operations in support of sales, marketing, accounting, manufacturing, logistics, finance, and administration.

Professor Jacobson bases his teaching approach on being both accessible and engaging. He looks for student commitment, engagement, development and growth as key to student success. “I look for learning and growth, regardless of ability. Everyone has weak points, and everyone can work to overcome them.”

Today’s business world is an electronic one, and Jacobson makes sure that his classes reflect that. He posts everything – from syllabi to grades – online and insists that all coursework be done electronically, as well. He urges his students to become aware of how advances in information technology provide new business opportunities, challenges, and career options.

Jacobson likes the small family atmosphere at LSC, working with people who care and try to make a difference. Moving from Massachusetts to the Northeast Kingdom has provided him the country life he wanted and the chance to mentor and pass on what he has learned in the business world. “At this point in my professional life, whatever I do must have meaning, and I find that at Lyndon State College.”


  • Information and technology management
  • Project management
  • Operations management
  • Process analysis and management
  • Business analysis and management