Thom Anderson, M.S.

Associate Professor, Master of Liberal Studies

Thom Anderson has seen a lot of the world. But even when he was in Morocco and in Diego Garcia working with merchant marines, he knew he would one day end up teaching. Lyndon, he says, is just the right spot for him. In fact, he was attracted to Lyndon by the same qualities that attract many students—by the College’s small size, beautiful surroundings and rural nature.

“I find the students really down-to-earth here,” he says. “They remind me of my own classmates and myself as a first-in-family college graduate. I can really connect with them; that means a lot to me.”

His background as a Peace Corps volunteer and later as a fellow helps shape his approach to teaching. He learned from his own experiences that students learn best by doing, and he uses every opportunity to get them involved in a worthwhile project—community development is always a goal.

“I believe in giving students as much control over their class activities as is feasible. When they are involved in planning their own educational activities, they gain a better understanding of the underlying goals. If you empower students, give them decision-making power, they stand up to the challenge and feel proud of what they accomplish.”

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