Walt Hampton’s “Living a Life That Matters” on October 23


October 15, 2012

Walt Hampton is the next guest for LSC’s Adventure Speaker Series. Hampton is a writer, speaker, coach, adventure photographer, high altitude mountaineer, and blue water sailor. He will share many stories and images that highlight the many outdoor adventures he has undertaken, along with the life lessons he has learned along the way.


His message is: Live deeply. Live fully. Love well. Find adventure and joy. Rediscover the fun in your life. Revel in audacious possibility. Give to the world the gifts that are yours alone to give. Don’t let your dreams die.


His mission: To help others have great lives by rediscovering their passions and living their dreams.


Hampton was born in Brooklyn, New York and is a graduate of Cornell Law School. He has counseled and advocated for business leaders and individuals through countless transitions—transitions that are difficult, challenging and rewarding.


Through dynamic coaching, live events and blogs, Walt educates and inspires others to find their path, and to live it with heart. He is the author of a recently released book, “Journeys on the Edge; Living a Life That Matters.”


The presentation will be at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, October 23, in the Academic and Student Activity Center (ASAC), Room 100. It is free and open to the public.


The next event in the series will be on November 8 when Emilie Drinkwater visits the College. Drinkwater will share her climbing adventures from the Adirondacks to the outer reaches of Asia.

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