Support for Students with Disabilities

Welcome! Lyndon State College strives to see that every student has an opportunity to be successful. For students with disabilities, that means that we try to set up reasonable and practical accommodations and supports. On this page you will find useful information about students with disabilities, getting accommodations, and the key ingredients to being a successful college student. Please remember, Lyndon is here for you, so if there’s something you can’t find or if you need further assistance, stop by the Academic Support Center LAC 325 or contact Mary or Lori directly. We really enjoy working with students, so take the first step and make the connection!

Contact Us

Mary Etter, Learning Specialist
LAC 325
802 626-6210

Lori Drew, Disability Services
LAC 325
802 626-6210

Denise Moses, Staff Assistant
LAC 325
802 626-6210

Downloadable Files

ADHD ADD Disability Verification Form for Psych or Physician
ADHD ADD Disability Verification Form for School Personnel
How To Schedule A Test
New 504 Students
Physical or Medical Disability Form
Psychological Disability Form
Guidelines for Documentation of a Learning Disability in Adolescents and Adults