Multicultural Programs

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Lyndon Multicultural Programs offer many activities, events, leadership opportunities, and student groups.  For more information please contact us via email at Multicultural@LyndonState.edu or like our Facebook page at Facebook.com/LSCmulticultural/

Cultural Months:

Through out the year multicultural programs help educate students, faculty and staff on diversity and social justice through cultural and heritage months. To learn more information and resources about cultural months visit our Lib Guides and see videos, read through articles, and search through our list of books to read.

September: Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month

October: GLBTQA History Month

November: Disabilities/Mental Health Awareness Month

December: Diversity of Religions Month

February: Black/African American History Month

March: Women’s History Month

April: Asian/Pacific Islanders Heritage Month


Multicultural Student Groups: 

Multicultural Programs hosts two student groups that meet to help with the transition in to college as well as helping people in a feel a part of the college community. There is Lyndon Intercultural which was established in 2014, and the International Student Group, established in 2015.

Lyndon Intercultural Logo

Lyndon Intercultural is a student group whose focus is to provide a safe space to engage in an intercultural dialogue, and for students to learn more about what it means to be a student with the support of peers/allies at Lyndon State College. During meetings we discuss various social justice topics, current events, and experiences people would like to share.

Meetings every Tuesday at 3 p.m. in ASAC 214

To learn more about the Lyndon Intercultural, join us on Facebook: Facebook.com/Groups/LyndonIntercultural/

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The International Student Group focuses on bring students together from around the world to talk about their experiences, sharing information about cultures, and putting on programs on campus and in the community. The International Student Group is open to all students, faculty, and staff that is interested in discussing education around the world as well as being a part of safe space for students, faculty, and staff  that identify as being  from other countries to help with their transition here at Lyndon.

Meetings every Wednesday at 4 p.m. in LAC 343.

To learn more about the Lyndon Intercultural or join the community, like us on Facebook: Facebook.com/Groups/LSCinternational/



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