Residence Hall Association

What is RHA?

Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a 2nd largest student group on campus representing all students residing within the residence halls of Lyndon. It is a programming hall government that provides events, recognition, and forums to improve communication between students, faculty, and administration of Student Life. RHA provides a voice for the students of the halls. It follows 4 pillars of advocacy, enhancements, programming and recognition through a wide range of services including social, recreational, and educational programs to meet the needs and interests of residence hall students.

The Residence Hall Association is affiliated with the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH). This is the largest student-run organization in the nation, composed of the RHC/RHA groups from all campuses around the nation. NACURH.org

Quick Facts:

WE are a programming board.

WE are a government.

WE listen to questions, suggestions, and concerns of all residents.

WE are here to help get issues to the department of Residential Life.

WE are the second largest group on campus.

WE are comprised of Building Reps.

Purpose of RHA:

  • The purpose of the organization shall be to provide recognition to those who have contributed to the building; and provide a means to develop other leaders.
  • To assist Residential Life staff in planning and organizing programs and activities, and to create, promote, and maintain a healthy relationship between the¬†staff of Residential Life and Residence Hall Association.
  • To provide a forum for the free interchange of ideas, problems, questions, and solutions.
  • To communicate the interests of all residents to Residence Hall Association.
  • To develop, regulate, and administer the budget expenditure of the Residence Hall Association.
  • To perform any other functions not previously mentioned that fall within the realm of responsibilities of the Residence Hall Association or that may not be provided for by any other organization.

Past Programming:

  • Building Challenges- The building with the most points at the end of the year will win the traveling trophy
  • Day of Awesomeness- recognized faculty, staff, and various departments on campus for their hard work and dedication to Lyndon State
  • Photo Contests- Challenging residents to showcase their best photos on or around campus
  • The Roommate Game- Similar to The Dating Game where students compete to see which pair of roommates/ friends know each other the best
  • Tailgating- Hosting a table at sporting events throughout the year
  • Vermontivate – Helping on campus residents become more sustainably aware by challenging people to be more conscious of their recycling habits and how to give back to the community

To learn more about RHA please visit: Facebook.com/LyndonRHA


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