Student Profile: Emma Charow, English Creative Writing

Emma Charow '18

What do you like best about being a student at Lyndon?

I like that it’s a relatively small campus. I thought that was something I wasn’t going to like. But I like being on a small campus and having a good relationship with my professors. And being able to talk to them and having them know who I am. That’s refreshing. A lot of my friends have sent me a Snapchat of these big lecture halls and there are three hundred kids there and I think ‘that is crazy.’

How did you get here?

I was all set to go to college in Boston and then student loans didn’t happen. I went to high school in St. Johnsbury so I was like ‘oh well, I’ll see if I can apply to Lyndon.’ I was debating not going for a semester—or taking a whole year off—but I thought ‘I’m already in the school mind-set, I’d rather go.’ I applied here in July and brought my stuff in and by the time I got home they called my house and they were like ‘you’re good—you can come here.’ So okay, cool. I live at home still with my parents and I drive to school.

Your major is Creative Writing. What do you want to do with your degree?

What I really want to do is go into comedy writing for film and television. I took Creative Writing in high school. I focused on poetry but I also wrote this play that was a ten-minute comedy play. [The play] got picked up by a play festival in Burlington and was performed this past spring—which was really cool. I like making people laugh so I might as well take my writing and do something with it.

What is your happiest moment in life?

I’m probably happiest when I do theater; I’ve done theater for a long time. And my happiest consistent moments are at the end of a show when you break character. You go and you bow and it’s this great moment of looking at the people around you and feeling this ‘we did something; we made people feel feelings, yay!’

Emma Charow ‘18
Lowell, Massachusetts
English: Creative Writing