Student Profile: Tyler Dumont, Electronic Journalism Arts

Tyler Dumont '15

“I started at a university in New York…”

Where better to be for TV than New York City? The program wasn’t what I thought it would be; the campus didn’t have a homey feeling either. I came to Lyndon in the spring semester of my freshman year.

What do you want to do with your degree and why?

I’m already working with it–which is great. And I think that’s a credit to what EJA does. I did have some TV experience before coming to Lyndon, but there are a lot of things that I hadn’t done. Doing a live shot—a basic part of TV—I didn’t do until I was at Lyndon. And they just expect me to be able to do that at New Hampshire One (NH1).

NH1 News Network is a modern 21st-century newsroom with incredible resources: seven radio stations on the second floor, a TV network, and the web. Basically, what I do at NH1, we did at Lyndon. Walking into my job was a breeze; the transition was nothing.

I’m taking 12 credits; I’m in the NH1 newsroom Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and I come up to Lyndon for class Monday after work. One Monday, I was in the newsroom until 12:30 in the morning then drove up here and had a 9:30 class. That’s life.

I would like to work in journalism as long as I can; do it and like it. If there’s a day I wake up and I don’t want to do it anymore…

I know some people say “one day I want to work for CNN or for that network.” I’ve never really thought that way. I just want to tell stories.

What is your happiest moment?

When I received my Emmy. It reassures you of what you are working for-why you are doing what you do. And when you get recognized, it really means a lot.