Bruce Berryman, Ph.D.

Atmospheric Sciences
  ASAC 307
802 626-6496

As a meteorology student at the University of Wisconsin, Bruce Berryman heard about “a small college in the woods of Vermont with a great meteorology program.” Later, as chair of the Environmental Science Department at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, he began hearing again about this same small college and the same great meteorology department. So when the opportunity to apply to Lyndon State College came up in the early 1980s, he jumped at it.

“One thing I had decided was that an enormous Ph.D.-granting factory environment wasn’t for me,” he says. “I knew that I wanted to teach at a school that was small enough to really get to know the students.”

Lyndon has proved the perfect fit for Dr. Berryman. Here he has combined his professional specialization in climatology with his personal determination to help new students make a successful transition to college. He takes great pride in the College’s flagship meteorology program, which attracts both students and graduate school recruiters from across the country, but he’s equally dedicated to its general education program. As the founder of LSC’s first new-student orientation program in the mid-‘80s, he still teaches in the latest version of that course.

“Too many freshmen drop out of college, not because they don’t make it academically, but because they can’t make the transition to a new environment,” he says. “Often it just takes one person who shows an interest in that student to make the difference.”