Jason Shafer, Ph.D.

Atmospheric Sciences
Associate Professor
  ASAC 304
802 626-6225

“The weather is the world’s largest and most dynamic ongoing experiment, one that we will never fully understand” is one thing Jay Shafer says to explain his longtime fascination with meteorology. His interest is rooted in his childhood in New Jersey, where a snow storm was a thrill, and a day off from school meant a chance to shovel snow and watch The Weather Channel.

“I learned a great deal from the meteorologists on The Weather Channel,” he says, and he remembers LSC alumnus Jim Cantore from those early days. “The Weather Channel was an inspiration to me.”

In spite of his fascination with The Weather Channel, however, he knew broadcast meteorology was not for him. He says that he really enjoys sharing his weather enthusiasm with the students. Something as simple as clouds, for example, fully captures his interest.

“It’s important to remember to look outside, to bring into the classroom what is all around us,” he says.