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Lyndon Scholars Award

$5,500 GPA of 89-100

$4,500 GPA of 84-89

$3,500 GPA of 80-84

Individual Consideration
GPA Below 80

While students in this range do not automatically qualify for the Lyndon Scholars Award, they will be considered individually for possible scholarship awards.

They say hard work is its own reward. We can do better than that! Students who have demonstrated academic achievement in high school automatically qualify for a Lyndon Scholars Award.

It’s fast.

No forms to fill out. No complicated formulas. No waiting to know the amount of your award.

It’s stackable.

You can combine this scholarship with any other aid or discounts you receive. Your tuition savings can really stack up at Lyndon.

It’s renewable.

You remain qualified for this scholarship as long as you are continuously enrolled at Lyndon State College and maintain a GPA of 2.5.

It’s simple.

Use this scale to see where your high school GPA lands and how much your Lyndon Scholars Award is worth. That’s it!

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