Dressed for Success


Main Goal

To give Lyndon students the best possible start to their career by providing a free business-ready outfit to each student who attends the event. We want each of our students to look and feel great at their first job interview and to prepare them to present themselves in a professional manner.

Target Audience

Our priority is to graduating seniors heading out into the work world, but all Lyndon students are welcome to participate.


To prepare Lyndon students for professional success they need to look professional, but many students do not have appropriate professional attire or the means to buy appropriate attire.


  • Provide each student with one free professional outfit suitable for job interviews, internships, presentations and other professional circumstances.
  • Prepare each student to present themselves in a professional manner, both in their appearance and body language.
  • Provide style tips, and instruction on business attire basics such as how to tie a tie.
  • Provide measurement services so those attending know what is their correct size.

Clothing is received by donation and made available to students as a foundation for their professional wardrobe. Donations of suits, sports coats, jackets, overcoats and dress coats, dress shirts and blouses, pants, skirts, shoes and accessories will be received at Lyndon.

The event will be made an annual occurrence as an initiative of the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship. The event is anticipated to be coordinated with the Commencement Fair held in March in future years.

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Ann Nygard, Director