Winter Term

Winter Term at Lyndon State College

Stay on Track for Graduation and Save on Tuition!

Lyndon is starting a winter term. Take a look at the courses offered below and sign up on or after December 5 when registration opens. Work with your advisors to determine which winter term classes will keep you on track for graduation.

Lyndon students: Winter term course costs will be added as course fees to your spring tuition.

*REDUCED* per credit tuition and fees: in-state: $246 | out-of-state: $370

Financial aid: Winter term courses will be part of your spring semester loading. You will be able to use your spring semester financial aid to pay for winter term courses (e.g. 3 credits of Winter term and 15 credits of Spring term = 18 credits for Spring 2017 loading/tuition).

Residential students can live on campus at no extra cost. Contact StudentLife@LyndonState.edu | 802.626.6418

Non-residential students can stay on campus for a nominal fee. Contact StudentLife@LyndonState.edu | 802.626.6418

Meals: the Hornet’s Nest will be open for meals during the day.

Questions: Miranda Fox, Registrar, 802.626.4852, Miranda.Fox@LyndonState.edu | Tracy Sherbrook, Assistant to the Academic Dean, 802.626.6406, Tracy.Sherbrook@lyndonstate.edu

Course Offerings


Miranda Fox, Registrar