Outreach and Programming

Working with several academic and student service programs at Lyndon, as well as community organizations and our PK-12 partner schools, we are developing the following programs to enhance FFMI students’ postsecondary aspirations and degree attainment:

  • Early Promise Scholarships and Mentoring program (offering partial financial support to qualifying applicants for 4 years; pairing FFMI students at Lyndon with regional high school students)
  • Dual Enrollment program (helping to design a series of courses and curricular experiences so NEK students will receive college credit for courses they take during high school)
  • Experience-based learning (helping to coordinate students’ educational experiences along the PK-16 pipeline so hands-on learning opportunities framed around emerging industry clusters in the NEK are credit-bearing experiences)
  • Parental Involvement/Aspirations (working with area guidance counselors and community organizations to involve parents in our programmatic efforts and research; communicating directly with parents about their goals, plans, and suggestions for reaching NEK youth)


Jenny K. Harris, Executive Director of Development and Alumni Affairs
Office of Institutional Advancement, Vail 332