Financial Aid Assistance

As a service to you and your family, Upward Bound offers consultation in completing financial aid forms and scholarship applications. All Upward Bound students will complete the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Students Aid, and the VSAC (or New Hampshire’s NHHEAF) Grant Application.

FAFSA and State Forms

All students in their senior year and their parents will be expected to attend our Financial Aid meeting in January where families will submit both the federal and state forms to ensure the most financial aid they are eligible for. Please be aware that the federal government expects that the benefit of a college education is the responsibility of the students and the parents. Although many of our students have a “0” Expected Family Contribution (EFC), The U.S. Department of Education will determine how much you can afford to pay for college. This will be based on your family’s income and assets.


Upward Bound students do not get scholarships simply because of Upward Bound. However, Upward Bound makes students aware of scholarships for which they are eligible. A scholarship is free money based on how good of a scholar you are! In addition to making students aware of these scholarships, we will also require many students to write essays and apply if we think it will help them in their college quest. Additionally, we will write letters of recommendation for all of our students for both college and scholarships. Here are a few we recommend each year:

Dell Scholarship: Due in January

All Upward Bound seniors are eligible if they have a GPA of 2.4 or higher. This is a renewable scholarship. Learn more at Dell Scholars Program.

Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship: Due in April

All seniors are eligible if they have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, but Upward Bound students have a much better chance of being awarded this scholarship because we are a sponsoring organization. Check other eligibility criteria at The Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The Fortier Scholarship: Due in February

All Upward Bound seniors with a GPA of 2.89 or higher are eligible for one of two $500 scholarships. This scholarship has been given from two former Lyndon State College Upward Bound students, Justin and Bryan Fortier. LSC Upward Bound students are the only students eligible.

The Upward Bound/VEOP Scholarship: Due in February

All Upward Bound seniors are eligible for these scholarships. Submit an essay before the deadline and you are guaranteed to receive the Upward Bound scholarship. These essays will then be entered into the VEOP Scholarship competition.

Discover Card Scholarship: Currently Not Offered

All juniors are eligible if their 9th and 10th grade cumulative GPA is at least 2.75. Students apply online and write essays on Leadership, Community Service and Obstacles Overcome. This was discontinued for 2012, but may be reinstated in the future.

VSAC Scholarships: Due in February

VSAC sponsors many scholarships with different eligibility criteria. We will provide VSAC Scholarship books as soon as they are available; you can also find them online. VSAC-sponsored scholarships are only open to Vermonters, but they provide information on other scholarships for which NH students are eligible.

NHCF Scholarships: Deadlines Vary

Most NHCF scholarships are only for New Hampshire students, but a few are open to Vermonters as well. Find more information at New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.


Rick Williams, Director