Summer Program Activities

Summer Residential Program

We are a year-round academic, educational opportunity program with a six week summer residential program. We work as “Academic Guidance Counselors” providing comprehensive support to maximize student performance and enhance educational opportunities. But the residential component of Upward Bound is what makes our program so effective. During the summer program our students will have 4 hours of college preparatory courses, 3 hours of community service and will be surrounded by 49 other college bound students. In Wheelock residence hall, our students will have tutor counselors, many who were Lyndon State College Upward Bound students and are now attending or have recently graduated from various colleges around the country. These TC’s are the best role models for our program and help our students to understand the preparation, hard work and commitment that it takes to complete their college degree. You can find more information on the summer program at the end of this handbook.

Summer Work Study Placement

All of our students will volunteer around 75 hours each summer. Although this is community service and will be based on your career goals, you will receive a stipend each week during the summer. We have high expectations for our students in these placements.

SAT Preparation

You will learn to enhance vocabulary, math reasoning, writing and test taking skills necessary for the SAT test. You will take practice exams during the summer to familiarize yourself with the format and time limitations of the test. You are expected to take the SAT in the spring of your junior year and fall of your senior year. The weekend prior to each suggested SAT testing date, you are expected to attend the Upward Bound SAT Prep Refreshers.

College Advising

Our primary role as Upward Bound counselors is to provide academic, career, and educational advising along with any personal counseling support as warranted. Services are available year round. We both serve all participants in their schools. During the academic year, we meet with each individual student at least monthly either during a free period or after school.

SAT, PSAT, AP and College Application Fee Waivers

Every Upward Bound student will receive waivers to take the SAT, the PSAT and up to 5 college application fee waivers. Because these tests are a crucial part of your college portfolio, we expect that every student will take them. We will offer you fee waivers, but we also expect you to copy the results for Upward Bound. For any students that take the AP exams, we will also make sure that these tests are paid for. Colleges will review these test scores and offer you college credit if you do well enough.

Travel Opportunities

We offer field trips and workshops to all Upward Bound students who are in good academic standing. We find that the opportunity to visit colleges has as significant an impact on the sophomore as it does on the senior. However, maintaining good grades and regular school attendance must take priority over Program activity participation. This means students with poor grades and/or high absenteeism should not participate in the Upward Bound school day activities. Student progress is evaluated prior to field trips. Due to financial and/or space considerations, the number of participants may be limited for some field trips, workshops and conferences. All expenses will be covered for students that travel with our program. Our goal is to offer each student opportunities to help better prepare them for success in college. Conference registration, meals, transportation and overnight accommodations will all be covered by our federal grant.


Rick Williams, Director