The First-Year Program Experience…

will provide a strong welcome to entering students by building their sense of belonging and connecting them to the Lyndon traditions. The first-year program is a shared responsibility of faculty, staff, and upper-class students who will provide support networks for entering students and actively integrate new students into the life of the college. The first-year program will offer purposeful and engaging learning opportunities both in- and out-of-the classroom. The first-year program will provide intentional connections to academic and social support networks to ensure the success of the student’s first year at Lyndon.

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Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR)

SOAR is the first step among many that new students will take as they begin the transition into the Lyndon community. Sessions occur during the summer in June and August. All new students must attend a SOAR session in order to become a registered student.

Fall Kick-off

Fall Kick-off is an exciting time as everyone arrives on campus and prepares to begin the start of classes. We devote two days prior to the start of classes to continuing the conversations we began during SOAR.


The entire campus community gathers to celebrate the start of the new academic year and the arrival of the newest members in our community of learners.

Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders are successful and dedicated upper-class students who have proven themselves as leaders in and outside of the classroom at Lyndon. They serve as a mentor, a bridge between new students and instructors, and as a friend. Without question, they are truly one of Lyndon’s most valuable resources.



The First Year Team