Lyndon Learning Collaborative

Complete Your Last Year of High School and First Year of College at the Same Time

Lyndon State College and Lyndon Institute are proud to introduce their innovative early college program, the Lyndon Learning Collaborative. The LLC provides an opportunity for students to earn a full year of college credit while also satisfying the requirements for graduation from Lyndon Institute. Participation is free of charge to the students. Lyndon Learning Collaborative students take one academic year of approved coursework, offered both on the campus of Lyndon Institute and the College campus. Upon graduation from Lyndon Institute and successful completion of the College curriculum, LLC students are eligible to be awarded 24 to 36 hours of College credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a student get into the LLC program? Are there criteria? 

The application process takes place at LI. The application was created by the College and mirrors the Vermont Early College application. Students go through the Associate Headmaster to apply and he determines if they are ready/qualified to take part based on academic qualifications and maturity.

What courses are offered? How is that decided? Do they all take the same classes?

There is a menu of classes. Because it is the first-year of college, the classes largely come from their general degree course requirements as well as some electives. Nearly all the classes take place on the LI campus and are taught by LI faculty who are designated as College adjunct professors. This past year World History and a science lab took place on the College campus with our students.

Are the students also taking high school classes?

No, it is a full college curriculum. One benefit of the structure of the LLC program is that they are still seniors at LI so they are able to finish out their senior year concurrently and participate in school activities such as athletics and clubs. The coursework, though fully college level, is satisfying both high school and college.

How do the LI students become College students?

During the second semester, the LLC students make the decision if they will be matriculating. It happens seamlessly. The College registrar goes to LI to register the students. They enter Lyndon State as second-year students. They do attend the first-year orientation to prepare them for their first year on the College campus.

With the year of savings and the scholarship, the matriculated LLC students will finish their degree at half the regular cost.


Lexi Damato, Early College Coordinator
Admissions Office