Sources for Loans and Grants

State Grants and/or Alternative Student loans

Federal Grants

Federal Loans

FEDERAL PERKINS LOAN PROGRAM TO END.  New Federal Perkins Loan Program regulations were made into law on December 18, 2015.  These regulations limit the program to be available only up to the 2017-2018 Academic Year for undergraduate students (and only those who meet new criteria).  The regulations now require additional disclosures to be made with each Perkins Loan disbursement, disclosure information can be found hereDetails mentioned here are not all-inclusive, and interpretation of the new regulations are still being made.  Updates will be made as we learn more.

Alternative or Private Educational Loans

You should always use any federal loan eligibility available to you before borrowing a alternative/private education loan.

Alternative or Private education student loans are consumer loans made to students to help pay for college. They are provided by for-profit and nonprofit lending organizations and are not backed by the federal government. Lenders offer private education loans with different rates, fees, repayment terms and approval requirements. We suggest that you carefully review each private education loan program to compare the terms and conditions before deciding which loan may be appropriate for your needs.

Most programs allow borrowers to delay payments during school and offer hardship deferments during repayment. These options often increase the total amount you will pay, because interest charges will accrue during deferment periods. Most private education student loans require a cosigner (a person who promises to become legally responsible to pay your debt if you fail to do so). If you are considering a variable rate loan, understand that rate changes may not be in your favor and could result in an increased monthly payment.

Lyndon has not reviewed the loan programs for lenders offering alternative or private education loans. If you live or attend college in the following states, be sure to review this information about your state’s private loan program: Alaska, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Texas and Vermont. You can also use web based comparison tools to look at different options. Because Lyndon does not keep a suggested lender list for Private Education Loans we do not recommend one lender over another. There are a number of third parties that provide lists and comparisons of private loan products. Student Lending Analytics is one such company and provides information as well as tools that may help you choose a private loan lender.

» Student Lending Analytics (an independent research group).

Tuition Payment Plan*

To sign up for the monthly payment plan go online to:

  1. http://portal.vsc.edu
  2. Click on VSC Bill Payment Touchnet on the left of the screen
  3. Login using your blackboard portal login
  4. Click on Enroll in Plan tab

* There is a $30.00 enrollment fee for payment plans, and a $15.00 late payment fee added to accounts if a payment is not received.



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