Relax. Transferring to Lyndon is easier than you think.

Application Process

  1. Submit your application
  2. Submit official high school diploma, or GED. Requirement waived if applicant has earned a B.A., B.S., A.A., or A.S.
  3. Submit all official college transcripts
  4. Provide us with a minimum of one letter of recommendation. Requirement waived if transferring more than 15 credits.

Evaluation of Transfer Credits

  • All transfer credits will be accepted provided the credits were earned at a regionally accredited degree-granting institution, and a minimum of a C− was earned.
  • Once we receive all required documents, our registrar will do an official credit audit. (NOTE: credit audits will not be performed with unofficial transcripts.)
  • Once the credit audit is complete, a program evaluation will be created. The program evaluation will show the prospective transfer student how his/her credits were applied to his/her program. Please allow a minimum of two weeks to receive the credit audit and program evaluation, from the time we have received all required documents.

Placement Testing

The determination about whether, or not, a transfer student must take writing and/or math placement tests is determined by the Office of the Registrar upon receipt of official transcripts from all colleges previously attended.

Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR)

  • Transfer students with 29 or fewer credits must attend the entire SOAR program.
  • Transfer students with more than 30 credits are only required to attend the second day of the SOAR program. In this program, students attend a series of workshops that will provide all of the necessary information for matriculation at Lyndon as a transfer student.
  • Transfer students with 60 or more credits: Contact “First Year Experience” office 802 626-6393 to make an academic advising appointment.

An Articulation Agreement…

allows credits that are earned at certain colleges to be transferred automatically. Lyndon has articulation agreements with many Vermont colleges to help make transferring easy:

  • Community College of Vermont
  • Vermont Technical College

Contact Admissions office for more details.

Finish Your Degree At Lyndon

A place to turn your passion into a profession. Few colleges offer more opportunities to turn something you love into a meaningful career. Lyndon’s Atmospheric Sciences, Mountain Recreation Management, Education, and multi-award winning Electronic Journalism Arts/Television Studies programs have been regional and national leaders in their fields for many years. Or prepare for exciting careers in our Business, Criminal Justice, Exercise Science, Graphic Design, Human Services, Music Business and Industry, and New Media programs.

Hands-on learning is a hallmark of our educational philosophy and one reason our graduates are superbly prepared for the workplace. Internships, site visits, hands-on projects, research, and travel are central to the Lyndon experience.

Finish a liberal arts degree. Turn that seemingly random collection of coursework into a bachelors degree. Our comprehensive curriculum includes student-centered degree programs in the liberal arts. That strong grounding in the liberal arts informs our professional studies programs as well—all designed to produce graduates ready for a lifetime of learning.

Get credit for life experience. Students who are starting or returning to college after years in the workforce and/or family life may be able to receive credit for prior learning and life experience through the Assessment of Prior Learning program offered at the Community College of Vermont (CCV).

A community focused on your personal and professional success. Lyndon has great teachers who actually teach, small classes, and close personal attention. This more than anything else is what students cite as the reason they love Lyndon. Ours is a very friendly and welcoming community.

Graduate with a mountain of experience instead of a mountain of debt. Low in-state tuition, attractive discount programs for qualified students from New England and upstate New York, and the fact that 89 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid all combine to offer our students a tremendous value in their investment in a college education.


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