Transfers: FAQ

Will my credits transfer?
Yes. All transfer credits will be accepted provided the credits were earned at a regionally accredited degree-granting institution, and a minimum of a C- was earned.

How long will it take to get my transfer audit?
Once we receive all required documents, our registrar will do an official credit audit. (NOTE: credit audits will not be performed with unofficial transcripts).

Once the credit audit is complete, a program evaluation will be created. The program evaluation will show the prospective transfer student how his/her credits were applied to his/her program.
Please allow a minimum of two weeks to receive the credit audit and program evaluation, from the time we have received all required documents.

How long will it take to graduate?
A B.S. or B.A. degree at Lyndon requires the successful completion of 122 credits. A full time student is required to take between 12 and 18 credits per semester.

Are there any scholarships for transfer students?
Yes. Transfer scholarships are awarded based on a combination of a student’s GPA and credit hours earned.

What if I don’t have any grades yet?
Often, students go to a specific college or university with specific expectations, only to find out during their first semester, the experience wasn’t what they had hoped. We still require transcripts that will read IP (in progress). That way, when a student registers for classes, their advisor can make sure they don’t take the same course twice.

Do I have to go through orientation again?
That will depend on how many credits you will be transferring in. The rubric is as follows:

  • Transfer students with fewer than 45 credits: Must attend the entire SOAR program.
  • Transfer students with between 45–60 credits: Only required to attend the second day of the SOAR program. In this program, students attend a series of workshops that will provide all of the necessary information for matriculation at Lyndon as a transfer student.
  • Transfer students with more than 60 credits: Contact “First Year Experience” office (802) 626-6393 to make an academic advising appointment.

Do I need SAT scores to apply?
No. Transfer students do not need to submit their SAT scores.

Can I use the Common Application?
Yes. You may use the Common Application, our on-line application, or our paper application.

I did very poorly my first year. Can I still apply?
Yes. As stated previously, we understand that not every student is going to have a positive experience with their first choice of schools. As long as you performed well in high school, very often, we are willing to give you a second chance.

Is there any benefit to having an A.A. or A.S.?
Certainly. At Lyndon, if you transfer in with an A.A. from a regionally accredited institution, all of your GEUs (general education units) will be satisfied.


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