Scholarships For Veterans

The post 9/11 GI Bill has been recently updated with many changes. It has been expanded to include active service members of the national guard.

There are more, simplified tuition and fee rates for members and spouses of members attending public institutions—like Lyndon. (There is a cap on tuition for members and family attending private institutions.) It includes a housing stipend for those members who are no longer on active duty as well as a stipend for books for active duty members.

Find more information plus scholarships at GI Bill site.


The Military Scholar Program offers financial assistance to service members, veterans, and their spouses to cover academic and/or living expenses while in school. You must be pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate degree as a full-time student at a public or private, 4-year accredited Institution based in the U.S. to qualify. The application for this scholarship opens every spring.

Find the application or more information at GI Bill site.


You may be eligible for financial help from additional military scholarships, regardless of what degree program you’re enrolled in.

Visit BestColleges.com for scholarship opportunities or wants to take full advantage of the military’s academic benefits.

Visit OnlineColleges.net for the U.S. Servicemember’s guide to academic programs and aid.

Visit College Scholarship Online for more information on scholarships that you may be eligible for under the GI bill or based on the length of active duty served. The site also breaks down benefits by the branch of service, relationship to a military service person, and scholarship categories (e.g. athletic, minority, by state, etc).

National Guardsmen and women attending Lyndon can apply for GoArmyEd Benefits. For more information visit GoArmyEd.com.

Visit Online Colleges Database – Veterans Resources. The College Database recently created a free online guidebook for military veterans and their families.

We want these first steps to be easy and stress-free. Some documents (nonmilitary/VA related) will be required in order to be accepted.

  • If you are close to campus and your schedule allows, call the admissions office at 802.626.6413 to schedule an appointment. You’ll sit down with a counselor, and receive an application which you complete on the spot or take home to complete at your convenience. With the visit, the application fee is waived and all of the documents that are needed will be discussed.
  • If you can’t come in person, complete the Regular Online Application. Be certain to answer yes where is asks if you are a military veteran and if will you be applying for veteran benefits. You will also be able to select an application fee waiver option near the end of the application.
  • In addition to the completed application, we will need your official high school transcript or a copy of your GED certificate. You will need to contact your high school and ask that your transcript is sent to the admissions office.
  • If you are an incoming first-year student, with no college credits earned, then we will need one letter of recommendation. The letter can be written by anyone outside of your immediate family.
  • If you have earned some college credits, military or otherwise, have those official transcripts sent to the admissions office. As soon as the transcript(s) arrive they will be evaluated for transfer credits toward your Lyndon degree if they are approved. With 15 or more college credits earned, the letter of recommendation is not required.
  • SAT or ACT test scores and the personal essay are not required.

Once we receive the required documents, everything will be reviewed. We will phone you to tell you if you’ve been accepted for the upcoming semester.

Questions or concerns? Call the admissions office at 802.626.6413 or 1.800.225.1998.



Shane Mason, Student Services Consultant
Vail 348