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Our Corner of Vermont

The Northeast Kingdom is known far and wide as a mecca for outdoor recreation activities…and it all starts right here on our campus. Facilities for the active set include:

Gravity Well

Is it raining outside? Temperature too cold to even buckle on your snowboard? Fear not! The Gravity Well is ready to swallow you whole and make you ready to take on the world. The Gravity Well is an indoor rock climbing center that gives students a sheltered experience when the weather outside gets nasty—or anytime. Come and check out our inset crack systems, Heuco Holes, layback corners, and whatever else our wall staff can come up with to get your pump on.

Skate Park

The College’s brand new 6,000 square foot skate park was manufactured and designed by American Ramp Company (ARC). ARC describes itself as the world’s largest skatepark provider, with over 1400 parks in place around the globe. Lyndon’s park features bank ramps, quarter-pipes, grind rails, grind ledges, grind boxes, stairs, wedges and flats, a spine, a pyramid section, and a planter. It is located just east of the Stonehenge residence halls and features a great view of Burke Mountain.

Ropes Course

The Lyndon Adventure Program runs both our low and high courses on campus, pushing people through the complexities of having fun, maximizing “edge work,” improving interpersonal skills, and pushing personal limits. Young and old have come and gotten harnessed up to give it a go. So should you!

Disc Golf Course

Winding through the woods and open fields of our 175-acre campus, the disc golf course offers challenges for all levels of play. With a growing population of throwers both on campus and visiting from around the community, there’s no shortage of players to learn from or throw with. With our new concrete tee-pads—a first for any course in Vermont—we have been stepping up our game in this fast growing sport.

Hiking and Mountain Biking Trails

Take a break from studying and breathe some fresh air as you hike or bike through our on-campus trail system. Enjoy a peaceful, leisurely hike or pump up the adrenaline on the mountain bike Free Ride Trail. With trail names ranging from Wilson’s Way to Angry Italian, students are sure to find the adventure they are looking for within our 175- acre campus!

The Lyndon Adventure Program

Katy Ebner is the College’s full-time Adventure Coordinator—a position you’re not likely to find at many schools! Lyndon’s Adventure Program is responsible for managing all of these great on-campus adventure facilities, hosting day-long adventures around the Northeast Kingdom and beyond, and bringing students on overnight excursions further from campus on weekends or during school breaks. Our Adventure Program allows students of all backgrounds and levels of experience to explore outdoor recreation opportunities. Choose your level of challenge and come explore with Lyndon’s Adventure Program.


Katy Ebner, Coordinator of Adventure Programs
Harvey Academic Center – Rm. 130