Social Justice Web-based Resources


1. Why Should I Care About Elder Abuse
2. Fighting Ageism


1. Guidelines for Reporting and Writing About People with Disabilities: RTCIL.drupal.ku.edu/sites/rtcil.drupal.ku.edu/files/images/galleries/Guidelines%208th%20edition.pdf
2. Disability Rights Vermont: DisabilityRightsVT.org/index.html
3. In My Language (Short video clip that explores differential communication patterns): Youtube.com/watch?v=JnylM1hI2jc


1. Trans People Speak (a compendium of video stories): TransPeopleSpeak.org/
2. GLAAD Media Reference Guide: GLAAD.org/Reference/Offensive
3. Heterosexual Questionnaire: QueersUnited.Blogspot.com/2008/04/Heterosexual-Questionnaire.html
4. RU12/Vermont: RU12.org/
5. Outright VT http://www.outrightvt.org/


1. Facts About Sexual Harassment: EEOC.gov/eeoc/publications/fs-sex.cfm
2. Feminism FAQs (a variety of video links): Gender-Focus.com/Feminism-f-a-q-s/
3. Why Sexist Language Matters: Alternet.org/print/story/48856/Why_Sexist_Language_Matters
4. Gail Dines (website provides links and information regarding the extensive negative effects of pornography in our culture): GailDines.com/


1. Race Forward: https://www.raceforward.org/ 
2. Consigning the “N” Word to Personal History (brief audio link): NPR.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6559208
3. The Kirwan Institute: KirwanInstitute.OSU.org/
4. The Microagressions Project: Microaggressions.com/
5. NEK Allies for Racial Justice – Facebook.com/groups/218071708318097/
6. Racial Internet Literacy (brief video clip): Vimeo.com/48821485
7. Rinku Sen: RinkuSen.com/
8. Showing Up for Racial Justice: ShowingUpForRacialJustice.org/
9. State of the Dream 2014 – Race and Health Disparities (the latest installment in an annual publication that explores the impact race has on a variety of issues, e.g., housing): FairEconomy.org/sites/default/files/pdf/State_of_the_Dream_2014.pdf
10. Tim Wise (website provides links to all of Tim’s essays): TimWise.org/
11. Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack of White Privilege: NYMBP.org/White-Privelege-Unpacking-the-Invisible-Knapsack.html
12. Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity:  VermontPartnership.org
13.The Root: Social Justice Center/Brattleboro:  http://www.therootsjc.org/
14. Vermont Ethnic Studies Bill: https://legislature.vermont.gov/bill/status/2018/H.794
15. Black Lives Matter:  https://blacklivesmatter.com
16. Haas Institute for a Fair & Inclusive Society: http://haasinstitute.berkeley.edu/
17. Debby Irving:  http://www.debbyirving.com/
18. Asian American Racial Justice Tool Kit:  https://www.asianamtoolkit.org/


1. Five Myths of Poverty: Truth-Out.org/news/item/12264-lies-of-plutocracy-exploding-five-myths-that-dehumanize-the-poor?tmpl=component&print=1
2. Vermont Workers Center: WorkersCenter.org/
3. Class Action  http://www.classism.org/

SOCIAL JUSTICE – General/Overlapping

1. Paul Kivel (website provides links to essays/information regarding gender, race, economics & religion): PaulKivel.com/
2. Robert Jensen http://robertwjensen.org/


Patricia Shine, Psychology Professor
Vail 423