Alumni and Internships

Lyndon at Work: Wherever There’s Weather

Lyndon grads can be found in Antarctica, at West Point, chasing storms in tornado alley, or in front of the camera wherever severe weather occurs. We are forecasters, science and operation officers, broadcast meteorologists, CEOs, researchers, and professors. We work for private industry, the U.S. military, NASA, the National Weather Service, and in university settings.

  • Jim Cantore, The Weather Channel
  • John Murphy, Deputy Director of the Joint Operations Center for the U.S. Army and Air Force
  • Matt Lazzara, Antarctica Weather Station Tech
  • Ross Hayes, Stratospheric Balloon launching
  • Cegeon Chan, Ph.D. at MIT; now at First Wind Inc.
  • Nick Gregory, Fox 5 in NYC, largest market in country
  • Gerard McNiff, Head Forecaster, WABC NYC; creates content for national TV weather broadcasts
  • Dave Manning, Warning Coordinating Meteorologist for National NWS
  • Bill Bauman, Provides weather technology transition services to America’s Space Program at Kennedy Space Center
  • Jim Roemer, Provides forecast guidance for commodities traders
  • Greg Carbin, Science Operations Office at the Storm Prediction Center
  • Dan Cobb, Meteorologist in Charge (MIC) for Grand Rapids NWS Office

The Experiences Make the Education

Our students have access to excellent on-campus internships within the department and off-campus through our extensive alumni network. Examples of recent internships include:

  • Conducting field work that examined the processes governing tornado formation
  • Researching the synoptic conditions associated with northeast snow storms
  • Forecasting winter road weather conditions for the State of Vermont Department of Transportation
  • Forecasting ocean weather conditions in remote locations
  • Producing graphics for major-market TV weather broadcasts
  • Observing weather on Mount Washington
  • Research at the National Severe Storms Laboratory
  • Influence of space weather on our environment
  • Research and forecasting at a financial services Firm
  • Research at NASA and Howard University on land surface characteristics
  • Forecasting at National Weather Service Offices


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