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Arianna Varuolo-Clarke '16

"To have professors who become mentors, and who are invested in your future and your education is priceless."

Q: Why Lyndon?

A: I found out about Lyndon through my mom. She sells headstones and a lot of granite comes from Barre, Vermont. She mentioned to one of the manufacturers that I was interested in meteorology and he said, “Oh, you have to check out Lyndon State College, it has one of the best meteorology programs.” That was in my sophomore year of high school, so from then I was really interested in it. I looked at other schools, but something always drew me back to Lyndon.

Q: What has the Atmospheric Sciences program given you?

A: The biggest thing would be the experience. After my freshman year, I worked with Dr. Hanrahan as a research assistant for the summer, and that gave me my first research experience. Going on from there I had the confidence to apply for other ones. The summer after my sophomore year I ended up getting a really amazing opportunity at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. That then led me to my internship in Alaska. Through my connection with one of my mentors in that program, I connected with my advisor at grad school. This whole series of events I owe to Lyndon, and it’s put me where I am today.

Q: Can you talk about a special experience you’ve had through your program?

A: That first research experience with Dr. Hanrahan was super special because it was my first experience doing climate research. That climate research propelled me through everything and really molded me into an aspiring climatologist and climate scientist. That one experience has spiraled out into all my other experiences.

Q: What are your plans post-graduation?

A: In the fall I’ll be starting a masters degree in science at Stony Brook, then hopefully getting my Ph.D. in Climatology. Climate science is becoming a large field, after my Ph.D. I can carry out my own research. I’d like to be at a national lab doing outreach, bringing it to the public, or maybe even teaching at a smaller institution like Lyndon.

Q: Would you recommend the Atmospheric Sciences program? If so, why?

A: Hands down yes. If you’re interested in climatology or meteorology you can come here and get a hands-on, well-rounded education. To have professors who become mentors, and who are invested in your future and your education is priceless.


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