Master of Education

Master of Education

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The Master of Education program at Lyndon prepares teachers to ensure that future generations are able to innovatively satisfy their needs and improve their quality of life without compromising the capacity of the natural environment. This challenge requires that educators be rigorously prepared, that they are able to draw connections between disciplines, work collaboratively, and understand and appreciate their roles within local communities while maintaining a global perspective.

Teachers and administrators are provided with a strong theoretical foundation, up-to-date technological and pedagogical practices, and opportunities for implementation.

Educational Technology

The need for qualified educational technology specialists will continue to grow as the scope of technology advances in every aspect of modern life. In response, Lyndon has added a concentration in Educational Technology. The program will prepare educators to teach with technology and prepare instructional designers for all levels of education. This includes librarians, curriculum specialists, and media and technical support staff. The program can also help train personnel development specialists for business and industry. Many of the courses will be offered online or as hybrids. Graduates will be qualified for careers in higher education, government, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

Specialization in Content Area Concentration

Students can pursue advanced content area in English/language arts, mathematics, social studies, and/or science at Lyndon. This specialization enables a student to more deeply explore a focused area of interest. Students will design a Plan of Study to meet their needs with the graduate advisor.

Special Education Concentration

The Special Education concentration is for educators who currently hold licensure in special education or who seek to further their understanding of this complex field. The degree program provides an opportunity for students to develop a Plan of Study that focuses on a broad exploration of the field or an in-depth study of topics such as learning disabilities, behavior management, or assessment.

Curriculum and Instruction Concentration

The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction concentration is designed to provide students with in-depth study of curriculum and instruction, contemporary issues, a critical perspective for evaluating these and future developments, and to empower students as advocates for best practice in education. The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction offers a number of strands including reading specialist and special education as well as elementary and secondary focuses.

Elementary Concentration or Secondary Education Concentration

Those wishing to pursue Initial Licensure – Elementary or Secondary Education Concentration at the graduate level must be a liberal studies major or its equivalent with a “B” average in the liberal studies courses. Students interested in this option should meet with the graduate advisor to determine whether additional liberal studies courses are required to satisfy the Highly Qualified Teacher requirements.

M.Ed. programs require that students complete a minimum of 36 credits which includes a 16–18 credit common core (6 courses). The additional 18–20 credit hours are determined by student’s chosen strand and/or Plan of Study. A total of 36 credits must be completed within seven years of matriculation unless the student is granted an extension.

Lyndon also has a cooperative agreement with the Vermont Higher Education Collaborative (VT-HEC). The VT-HEC mission is to “collaborate with the Vermont Department of Education, Vermont’s higher education institutions and other organizations to make quality preparation, training and support programs accessible to schools, educators and educators-to-be. VT-HEC seeks out experts in each field it addresses to work together to develop and deliver quality learning opportunities and supports in areas of critical need that could not be delivered by one organization alone.” Teachers have the opportunity to become a member of a specific cohort with VT-HEC and take classes through Lyndon in order to request an additional endorsement from the Vermont Department of Education for their teacher licensure.


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