A Flexible Education for Changing Times

Like other liberal arts majors, our students are often asked: “So what are you going to do with that degree?” Actually, the question is better asked another way around: What can’t you do with an English or Philosophy degree? You can’t practice medicine or law—at least not without going to medical or law school first (see graduates below), but there isn’t a whole lot else you can’t do.

Many of our graduates have pursued careers in such fields as teaching, journalism, advertising, public relations, editing and publishing, “web” writing and publishing, non-profit fundraising, non-profit organization management, technical writing, creative writing, law, government, business management, library work, sales, marketing, banking, international service, and social service.

A number of graduates have undertaken master’s and Ph.D. programs in English or education at such schools as Lyndon, Plymouth State, University of Maine, University of Vermont, Middlebury’s Breadloaf School of English, Boston College, and Columbia University. Others have pursued advanced degrees in business, medicine, and law.

Careers of our Alumni

  • English Teachers/Educators
  • Assistant Attorney General, Vermont
  • Director of the Science Libraries, Yale University
  • Technical Writers
  • Physician, Quincy Mental Health Center
  • Managing Editor, Moose River Media
  • University Archivist, Norwich University
  • Assistant Dean, Yavapai College
  • Communications Director, Vermont Department of Education
  • Marketing Assistants
  • Sports Editor/Assistant Editor, The Courier


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