(April 1st Degree) Lyndon M.A.R.S.

Lyndon State College is proud to announce its newest Endeavour, Lyndon M.A.R.S. (Mathematics, Arts, Recreation, and Sciences), located on the fourth rock from the sun. This new satellite campus will launch with three new and exciting degree options.

Martian Recreation Management (MRM), Alien Terrain Manipulation (ATM), and Cinema in Space (CIS), will be the first three offerings on our new campus. These programs will allow Lyndon’s liberal arts foundation to spread to infinity and beyond.

Over the next year, we will be introducing additional programs that will be available at Lyndon M.A.R.S. We aim to provide a wide variety of options as they explore our latest Enterprise; school in space. Have a suggestion for a major? Joe wants to know!

Martian Recreation Management (MRM)

The Martian landscape offers a dynamic and challenging experience for adventurers seeking the ultimate thrill. Offered at Lyndon’s satellite campus on Mars, students learn about the challenges that come with recreation on the red planet. Topics include hiking in low-gravity, navigating Martian terrain, repairing spacesuits in the field, and delivering emergency first-aid. Additionally, they learn about the rich history of Mars as they study the Curiosity Trail. Starting in Gale Crater, students follow in the wheel-prints of the latest rover to learn what it takes to be an out-of this-world guide.

Alien Terrain Manipulation (ATM)

At Lyndon, we believe in learning by doing, and the ATM major is truly putting that model into action. Also known as Terraforming, students in this major will be in the pilot program for developing Mars into a totally hospitable planet, while they try living there. ATM students will learn and practice different technologies to practice modifying the atmosphere, temperature, surface topography and ecology of Mars to be similar to the environment of Earth. The red planet is considered to be the most Earth-like of all the planets in our solar system, and with Alien Terrain Manipulation, the hope is that it will also be able to host human life.

Cinema in Space (CIS)

What better way to explore the entire genre of science fiction film than to live it! Our Cinema in Space program is designed to allow students to turn their passion for space-based cinema into first hand experiences. They will put the misconceptions about life on other planets to the test, study the habits of some of our favorite characters, and try their hand at crafting the ultimate space flick. Over their time at M.A.R.S., Lyndon students will become the leading experts on all aspects of the universe as seen on film.

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