Mountain Recreation Management

"Lyndon was probably the biggest contributor to reaching my overall career goals."

Can you earn a good living by playing? Yes!

If you love the idea of work as river tubing, ice climbing, mountaineering, making snow, or other outdoor activities, our Mountain Recreation Management program will teach you the skills and give you the hands-on experience you need to succeed in a field that satisfies your passion for play.

If you’re interested in outdoor education, job market trends are in your favor. Today’s projections show solid growth in the field, especially in outdoor recreation and working with kids. You can broaden your career options with our certifications in outdoor emergency care, CPR, and other in-demand specialties.

At Lyndon, you’ll gain more with less. Our tuition compared with other colleges with outdoor education degrees makes our Mountain Recreation Management program a real bargain—for out-of-state students, too.

Outdoor education graduates of public colleges earn significantly more a decade after starting college than graduates of private colleges, according to an article in the Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership. You’ll have opportunities to advance toward greater earning potential as you gain experience.

The journal article says many employers prefer employees with an outdoor education degrees and certifications as well as strong leadership, technical, and communication skills. You won’t find a program that provides that training better than Lyndon.

Depending on whether you choose a concentration in Mountain Resort Management or Adventure Leadership, you’ll get epic experience through internships, expeditions, and other real-world situations, building the skills employers expect.

At Lyndon, no students are more passionate about their major than our Mountain Recreation Management students. Pursuing something you love will give you the best college experience possible.

Positions in the outdoor education field fit our graduates’ lifestyles, with flexibility in job schedules and seasonal employment options that allow you to work in many places around the country and the world.

Lyndon’s Mountain Recreation Management Department’s mission is to create and maintain a caring environment in which to prepare leaders who are intellectually capable and competent in the management of recreation resources and in the delivery of leisure services. Students in these programs benefit from a professional core supported by a broad-based liberal arts foundation, which helps to improve critical thinking and communication skills. We place great value on experiential learning—the time spent in the field—so our students can get the jobs they love.

The Mountain Recreation Management degree is NEBHE eligible (tuition discount) in ALL New England States (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI). But we go better than that with awards that can be combined.

Mountain Recreation Management, B.S.

Required Courses

Core Courses (38-44 Credits)

Minimum required credits for the program: 64-71

MAT 2021, Statistics, is strongly recommended for all Mountain Recreation Management majors to complete the GEU Mathematics requirement.

Adventure Leadership Concentration: (27 credits)

In addition to these courses, students must complete at least eight (8) credits from outdoor skills courses, with a minimum of five (5) credits in one skill area; rock climbing, paddling, ropes course, winter mountaineering/ice/BXC/avalanche.

Mountain Resort Management Concentration: (26-27 Credits)

ENV 1080, Introduction to Environmental Science, is strongly recommended for Mountain Resort Management students to complete the GEU Category 7 (Natural Resources and Sustainability) requirement.

Choose three courses from either the Mountain Operations Group or the Resort Management Group


Adventure Leadership

This concentration provides immersion in field experiences (climbing, paddling, backpacking, mountaineering, ice climbing, back country skiing/riding, challenge course facilitation) while taking academic courses in program planning, research and evaluation, risk management, and management.

To better prepare students for a career in Adventure Leadership, the faculty have developed an innovative series of fall courses. Students take a Lyndon Experiential And Discovery (LEAD) semester at the start of their sophomore or junior year. The students receive plenty of hands-on learning during the series of four expeditions.

Mountain Resort Management

The Mountain Resort Management concentration is now divided into two tracks.

For those interested in resort operations, there is the Mountain Operations track. In these classes, students will learn about: Patrolling and maintaining trails and terrains; chairlift maintenance and operation; ski instructors and ski patrol; snowmaking and grooming; and becoming a snowmobile tour guide. Curriculum includes emphasis on summer mountain operations including ropes courses, hiking, zip lines, river tubing, and outdoor climbing.

Students interested in management positions in resort guest services will like the track in Resort Management. Learn to coordinate and efficiently run services such as lodging; nightlife and activities; concierge services; catering and events; entertainment; and dining services. Curriculum includes courses on ecotourism and venue management. Core courses include public relations and program and event planning.

We are NEBHE eligible (tuition discount) in ALL New England States (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI). But we go better than that with our stackable awards. 

Experiential learning is supported by internships and expeditions, allowing students the opportunity to apply classroom learning to real-world situations. Our expeditions often stay in the northeast to minimize cost and environmental impact, but have gone to Kilimanjaro in Africa, the volcano Pico de Orizaba in Mexico, mountaineering in Ecuador and to the Sierra Nevada, multi-sport (mountain biking, canyoneering, climbing) in Utah, and back-country skiing in Jackson Hole and Newfoundland.


Available Certifications

  • Wilderness First Responder
  • CPR
  • Leave no Trace Master Educator
  • Outdoor Emergency Care
  • State of Vermont Lift Apprentice Level I
  • Certificates of Completion:
  • Avalanche Level I and II (AIARE)
  • Geographic Information Systems (ESRI)
  • American Mountain Guides Association Single Pitch Instructor

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