Student Profile

Jordan Racine

"Coming here provided the opportunity to be part of something bigger, especially in a young, growing program."

Q: Why Lyndon?

A: I started looking at schools in Nashville, and in other big music markets. Then I stumbled across Lyndon online and saw what they were doing, between the value for what they were offering, and the opportunities that were available, I decided to come take a look. I think coming here provided the opportunity to be part of something bigger, especially in a young, growing program. I was able to really succeed here in a smaller market, and I feel I wouldn’t have been able to do that in a larger school.

Q: What has the MBI program given you?

A: It’s given me the opportunity to gain a lot of hands-on experience. I think if you go to a bigger school for this type of thing there’s a lot of really textbook stuff, and we definitely read our share of books here, but there’s a lot of ‘go and figure it out’. And that’s what has taught me how to put a show together. It’s taught me how shows make money from an artist’s perspective and promoter’s perspective and venue’s perspective. And it’s connected me with individuals and networks that I wouldn’t have been able to connect with.

Q: Can you talk about a special experience you’ve had through your program?

A: Producing Greggfest is my big thing every year. I start in November and have a team that works alongside me, and we go right through to the last week of classes. The weekend that that show happens is just incredibly surreal in seeing all that work after months and months of planning and preparation just come together. I also got the opportunity to intern with James Taylor on and off for two years– that was huge, and being part of the recording process for his most recent album was pretty surreal. That’s all been really important parts of my life and my career here.

Q: What are your plans post-graduation?

A: I’ll be moving to southern California working for Venue Coalition. They work to drive tours and shows to arena-sized venues in North America that don’t typically see a lot of action, they’re in smaller markets, not a typical LA or NY. I’ll be working as an assistant to the Executive VP who handles the booking operations. Hopefully, in three to five years I’ll be in a position where I can start booking my own shows.

Q: Would you recommend the MBI program? If so, why?

A: Absolutely. For someone who’s interested in the production side of things, Lyndon holds really strong value, and for anyone who’s interested in the business side of things too. The staff here is really good about guiding you but not holding your hand and just letting you figure things out.



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