Research and Facilities

Research that our faculty are presently focused on include:

  • The spread of ticks in the Northeast and means to mitigate tick infestations
  • The evolution of microbial communities in water and soils
  • The interrelationship between biodiversity and sustainable agriculture practices
  • The impact of snow on solar power generation
  • Natural water purification using “Living Machines”
  • Innovative (cleaner) methods for heating greenhouses

Experiential, hands-on learning. Students spend time in the field putting science into practice.

We strongly emphasize experiential, hands-on learning through frequent outings into natural settings or locations of sustainable practices and class research projects of many types.

Trips and Retreats: To deepen experience and connections with peers, most students participate in one or more long-distance trips, such as to the American Southwest, and weekend retreats to places such as Wheeler Pond, one of several favorite local destinations.

Undergraduate Research and Internships

We encourage students to consider which areas they might be most interested in, and eventually to choose an area in which to either conduct an internship or a research project (undergraduate level).

Students conduct projects under the guidance of a faculty member, and then present their results or experiences to their fellow students in the Senior Seminar. These presentations are also attended by a variety of visiting professionals, many of whom the students have already gotten to know, providing graduates with an opportunity to make further connections and garner feedback at the end of their undergraduate careers.

Program Assets

  • State-of-the-art microscopes, environmental data loggers, and other basic equipment for environmental science research.
  • Designated laboratory spaces for environmental science research projects.
  • Newly renovated chemistry laboratory.
  • “Living Machine” laboratory apparatus.
  • An active relationship with the Vermont Genetics Network, enabling students to have access to the latest in genetics research technology.
  • Immediate access to myriad, rich natural environments offering endless possibilities for study and enjoyment.


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