Study Abroad

Emphasis on Study Abroad

The Global Studies department strongly encourages its majors to spend a portion of their educational experience, usually one semester, studying abroad. The department also encourages experiential learning through travel in faculty-sponsored trips, such as those led by Dr. Strokanov.

Lyndon has increased the number of fieldwork sites abroad. Students travel to Kenya, Mexico, Egypt, China, India, Europe, Australia, and Russia. In each of our courses there is a multicultural instruction component, which requires each faculty member to integrate diversity in the classroom.

Students will be able to meet guest speakers from foreign countries and/or diplomats and scientists who have worked overseas. They will explain their experiences and areas of expertise to the students face-to-face. We have also expanded our internship program to include work study opportunities involving topics related to the goals of global awareness and diversity, such as the internship established at the Burlington Refugee Association, the United Nations, and the Healing Hands for Haiti humanitarian project.

Lyndon maintains affiliation with four study abroad agencies: AIFS, CIS, ISA, and GlobaLinks. Please see their websites for details about their programs.

» Study Abroad AIFS
» CIS Abroad
» Global Links

While Lyndon is affiliated with those agencies, they are not the limit of what is available. The College’s Coordinator of Study Abroad is eager to work with students to find the perfect program for them.


Dr. Paul Searls, Coordinator of Study Abroad
Rita Bole 216
802 626-6203