Vail Memories

Saturday, September 23, 2017 @ 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM in Alexander Twilight Theatre

An Alumni Production by the Twilight Players

Vail Memories will be a dramatic reading by some well-known local actors and voices, including J. Michele Laberge, Mark Breen, Dan Haycock, Gianna Fergosi, Pat Webster, and Kevin McGee. The subject matter will be memories of Vail Mansion and the Vail era of Lyndon Teachers College and Lyndon State College, as submitted by students, faculty, staff, and friends of the college. The reminiscences cover the years 1951, when the college moved from Lyndon Institute up the hill to Vail Mansion, until 1974, when Vail Mansion was torn down.

It’s an evening that commemorates the Vail years, enhanced with incidental music and many historic images that will be projected during the performance to supplement the narrative. It’s an intimate portrait of what the college was like, and what it meant to live, work, and play in the mansion of an industrialist who was world famous as the 19th century became the 20th. Many who got to spend time in the mansion could not believe their good fortune.

Theodore Newton Vail, who owned the property until his death in 1920, expanded a simple farmhouse into an octopus of a mansion boasting two towers and over 100 rooms on a side hill in Lyndon Center. Mr. Vail was a telecommunications giant and first president of AT&T. It is often said that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, but it was T.N. Vail who invented the telephone business. Vail Mansion was a perfect reflection of the man who had everything.

The Manor Vail Society is an all alumni, volunteer organization dedicated to maintaining the legacy of the Vail era at LTC/LSC, as well as helping to maintain the history of the college. MVS is the collective curator of the Vail Museum on campus, and their work is funded through donations.

Admission by donation