Janel Hanrahan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences

Before joining the full-time Atmospheric Sciences faculty in 2012, Janel Hanrahan earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics with a strong focus in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her dissertation work included the investigation of Lake Michigan-Huron water levels and their connection to historic climate variability and anthropogenically-forced climate change. Following graduate school, Dr. Hanrahan worked as researcher at the University of Alberta where she studied changes in rainfall in the Canadian Plains region and examined procedures for model optimization. Through dynamical and statistical downscaling, she is currently interested in identifying connections between large-scale climate modes and local rainfall patterns and trends. In addition, she is interested in investigating how regional weather will be modified under climate change and what impact this may have on renewable energy sources.

At Lyndon, Dr. Hanrahan has enjoyed interacting with students on a personal level both in and out of the classroom. She earned her own B.A. from a small student-centered institution and was excited to return to this type of learning environment. Because of her own interest in applied mathematics, she enjoys communicating the science to potential future Lyndon Atmospheric Science students who share an interest in math and physics by presenting at math conferences and local K-12 schools.

Originally from the Midwest, Dr. Hanrahan has been enjoying the Northeast Kingdom’s natural beauty. She just purchased her first home and looks forward to spending her free time renovating, gardening, and exploring the surrounding area. She is also excited to be a mother, as she and her husband recently had their first child.


B.A. – Mathematics, Alverno College
M.S. – Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Ph.D. – Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Courses Taught

Elementary Meteorology, Field Experience, Problem Solving in Atmospheric Sciences, Survey of Meteorology, Atmospheric Thermodynamics, Atmospheric Dynamics I & II, Physical Climatology, Physical Meteorology, Climate Change Dynamics


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Hanrahan, J.L., C.C. Kuo, T.Y. Gan, and S. Chan, 2014, Configuration and validation of a mesoscale atmospheric model for simulating summertime rainfall in central Alberta. International Journal of Climatology, doi: 10.1002/joc.4011.

Kuo, C.C., Gan, T.Y., and Hanrahan, J.L., 2014, Precipitation frequency analysis based on regional climate simulations in Central Alberta. Journal of Hydrology, (510), 436 – 446, doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2013.12.051.

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  • Climatology/Meteorology

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