Kelly Glentz Brush, M.F.A.

Professor, Visual Arts

Teaching students to think creatively is central to what Kelly Glentz Brush brings to the classroom. It is creative thinking, she says, that is fundamental to effective expression, and to the arts of problem-solving and persuasion.

“Design, like art, is about visual communication,” she says. For that reason, Graphic Design majors master the fundamentals of art and two-dimensional design before they have the chance to try their hand at the software programs that will be the tools of their professions.

In addition to teaching students to do their own creative thinking, Professor Glentz Brush guides them through the process of honest critique. Learning to look at their work objectively, to understand how others view it, and to benefit from the feedback of classmates and faculty is a key part of the program.

“Designers have a tremendous visual influence on the world around us,” she says. “We touch and define a majority of manmade products in today’s society. That level of influence requires not only creativity, but teamwork, design sensibilities and problem-solving skills.”

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