Meaghan Meachem, M.A.

Assistant Professor, Electronic Journalism Arts

Professor Meachem has rejoined the Television Studies Program after completing it herself in the Class of 2003. She is now part of what she calls the TVS family, and she says, “I have landed in the best place in the world.”

“I love Lyndon’s hands-on pedagogy. I am a hands-on learner myself, so I know how much an experience can bring validity to a text-book lesson.”

After a number of years in the news industry, two of those with a 24-hour news station, Professor Meachem feels she is prepared to teach others to do what she learned at Lyndon and has since put to the test. Even though she knew that the news business would not be her life’s work, the experience was important to her professional development. “I really feel that I have no right teaching something which I have not personally experienced.”

She hopes her students will use her as a resource to gain what they want and need from her classes. To her, each classroom is a lab where ideas can be tested and developed.


  • Online Journalism/Social Media
  • Photojournalism/Editing

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