Robby Gilbert, M.Ed., M.F.A.

Assistant Professor, Visual Arts

Robby Gilbert is an animatorillustrator, and American cartoonist best known for work in educational and interactive media. His work often explores the relationships and interconnectivity of many artistic disciplines. Gilbert is interested in the areas of juncture and synthesis in the arts exploring topics such as decisions as materials, frames, transmedia narratives and time. Gilbert has taught animation, illustration, and game design at several colleges is currently a professor of animation at Lyndon.

Gilbert grew up in New York City where he took an early interest in drawing, acting, music, and film. Animation appealed to him as a discipline that involved a synthesis of creative interests, and he earned B.F.A. in Media Arts and Animation from the School of Visual Arts. He has worked extensively as an animator for commercial studios, television programming, and film. In 1993 he began working with pioneering interactive media companies such as Broderbund Software and Paramount Interactive, where he directed projects that earned several awards including a National Parenting Publications award. In addition, he has illustrated several children’s books. From 1999 to 2009, he illustrated the monthly comic strip “The Adventures of Ranger Rick” for the National Wildlife Federation‘s award-winning Ranger Rick Magazine, combining interests in storytelling, drawing, and environmental themes.

Gilbert began teaching animation and game design in Seattle, Washington where he eventually earned an M.Ed. in Education and an M.F.A. in Visual Art from the Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, Vt.


  • Animation
  • Illustration

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