Thom Anderson, M.S.

Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Programs, Master of Liberal Studies

Thom Anderson has seen a lot of the world, but even when he was in Morocco and Diego Garcia working with merchant marines, he knew he would one day end up teaching. Lyndon, he says, is just the right spot for him. In fact, he was attracted to Lyndon by the same qualities that attract many students—by the College’s small size, beautiful surroundings, and rural nature.

“I find the students really down-to-earth here,” he says. “They remind me of my own classmates and myself as a first-in-family college graduate. I can really connect with them; that means a lot to me.”

His background as a Peace Corps volunteer and later as a fellow helps shape his approach to teaching. He learned from his own experiences that students learn best by doing, and he uses every opportunity to get them involved in a worthwhile project—community development is always a goal.

Thom served in the United States Marine Corps during the 1980s. This experience has drawn him to the student veterans at Lyndon. He currently serves as the Advisor to the Student Veterans Association and organizes the NEK Veterans Summit which is held each year in March.

In his role of Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Programs, Thom works closely with both students and faculty to resolve a wide variety of complex issues. “I’m a solution-oriented person and always strive to find optimum solutions to complex problems,” he says.

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