What is a Purchase Order?

A Purchase Order is issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller will provide to the buyer. Some of our vendors do not require a Purchase Order at all, and others require only a Purchase Order number.

How do I know if I need a Purchase Order?

A Purchase Order is needed if:

  • It is specifically requested by a vendor.
  • The vendor does not accept AMEX.

How do I get a Purchase Order?

To create a requisition in DATATEL/UI4.3:

  1. In “Quick Access” box, type XREQ.
  2. Enter “A” to add a new requisition.
  3. Hit ENTER twice to automatically assign a requisition number.
  4. The date will default in.
  5. Type your name in Initiator.
  6. Enter the Vendor ID number or type in the first three letters of the vendor name to obtain a list of vendors to choose from. If the vendor is not in the system, please contact Accounts Payable to set it up. DO NOT just type in the name and address.
  7. In the SHIP TO field, type “4…”, choose appropriate code, and enter.
  8. You may drill into the SHIP TO field and insert the name of the person the items should be shipped to.
  9. Drill into APPROVALS. In the Next Approvals field type in the User ID of your budget manager, dean, or whoever approves your requisitions (see below).
  10. Enter the AP Type (mandatory) – Lyndon’s is 041.
  11. Drill into LINE ITEMS.
  12. Drill into Line 1 and enter description, price, quantity, unit of issue, and the general ledger account number. Click “Save”. Continue to add more items here if necessary, or “Cancel” to go back one screen.
  13. Click “Save” at the Requisition Item List screen.
  14. Drill into Approvals. Based on dollar amount (see below), enter the login ID of the person(s) whose approvals are needed (ex. abc12345). Click “Save.”
  15. Drill into PRINTED COMMENTS to add comments, fax #’s etc.
  16. Change REQUISITION DONE from no to YES. Click “Save”.
  17. System will supply requisition number.
  18. To notify Approvers that a requisition is awaiting their approval, please email them.
  19. Once the requisition has been approved, Naomi will process the Purchase Order and return it to the requestor so they may place the order.


  1. Requisitions up to $2,000 are approved by Department Chair or Office Director.
  2. Requisitions between $2,000–$5,000 need additional authorization by the appropriate Dean.
  3. Requisitions $5,000 and above are need additional authorization by the Dean of Administration.

Who are the p-cardholders?

There is at least one staff member with a p-card in most departments on campus: each Administrative Assistant has a p-card for use by their respective academic department, and Student Activities/ Residence Hall staff members have p-cards.

How do I get a P-card?

You must be a staff member with authorization from your department to apply for a p-card.

I am having trouble logging into samaccess.com.

Call the number on the back of your card for assistance.

Why was my card declined?

First, using Internet Explorer, go to samaccess.com and check your credit limit against the balance of your pending transactions. You may need to request a temporary increase to your credit card limit. If there does not appear to be an issue with your credit limit, please contact Naomi Gallagher for further investigation.

What if I need to exceed my credit card limit?

You can request to increase your credit card limit by submitting “P-Card Limit Increase Request.

When do I run my expense log?

The P-card accounting cycle always ends around the 20th of the month. You will be sent a reminder every month around the 23rd with detailed instructions for completing the expense report process, and a deadline for submission to Accounts Payable. The Missing Receipt Form is acceptable only as a last resort. It is expected that every effort will be made to obtain proper supporting documentation.


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