Health and Counseling FAQ

If my student has a medical condition/mental health issue requiring ongoing treatment, will you be able to continue this care at the Health and Counseling Center?

Yes. If you have a condition requiring ongoing care, please send copies of current medical/mental health records and have your provider send a summary to us. Also, schedule an appointment with us during the first month of school to discuss how we can be of help.

If a student signs the FERPA does this allow release of information from the Health and Counseling Center in regard to treatments, etc?
No. If your student is over 18 years of age, we cannot discuss any information due to new government regulations such as HIPAA.  Students can sign a release if they choose and we do strongly urge and recommend they contact their parents in regard to health issues.

Is dental care available at the Health Services and is it covered by the school’s insurance company?
No. There is no dental care available at the Health Center, but we will certainly be happy to set up appointments as needed with local dentists. The school’s insurance coverage for dental covers emergent care due to an injury, and there is also some coverage applicable for the removal of wisdom teeth. There is no coverage for cleanings and fillings.

How much does it cost to use the services at the Health and Counseling Center and can the services be used even if you don’t have the school insurance?
There is no charge to students for our services and it is available to all regardless of what insurance you carry. We bill your insurance directly for the services and we do not charge for co-payments. We also do not balance bill students or parents for any remaining balances not paid by your insurance. There is a minimal charge for birth control pills. Counseling services are free to students.

Is transportation available if my student needs to go to the hospital for emergency services?
Yes. In an extreme emergency, Lyndon Rescue is located right here on campus, so assistance is immediately available should it be necessary. In a more routine circumstance, students can use the RCT Shuttle for a small fee and if that is not convenient for them, they can speak with an RA or RHD and they will find the student a ride.


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