Our Mission

Student life at Lyndon is all about serious study, serious fun, and the kind of important learning that one can only receive via life outside a classroom.

The Department of Student Life at Lyndon provides experiences that encourage:

  • An environment that enhances student learning and individual growth
  • A commitment to civic responsibility
  • An appreciation for diversity
  • Critical thinking skills
  • An appreciation for lifelong learning
  • The ability to be in healthy, productive relationships
  • Participation in programs intended to develop characteristics desirable in a Lyndon-educated person

Who at Lyndon works to make this happen?
Residence Hall Directors and student Resident Assistants work hard to create and maintain a healthy and positive living environment for our students.

The Director of Student Life, the Director of First-Year Experience, the academic support team, the admissions team, and faculty and staff, provide students a close-knit community of people who work together to ensure that every student’s college experience is successful and meaningful.

Our Philosophy

The mission of the Department of Student Life is to provide an environment which enhances student learning and individual growth by facilitating relationships and programs intended to develop characteristics desirable in a Lyndon educated person.

These characteristics include a commitment to civic responsibility; an appreciation for diversity; critical thinking skills; an appreciation for life long learning; and the ability to be in healthy, productive relationships.

This learning should occur within a secure living environment which encourages risk taking, cooperation and responsible decision making.

The Department of Student Life is committed to:

  • Facilitating an environment which allows students to be academically successful
  • Providing leadership opportunities for residents and other opportunities for involvement
  • Providing inclusive programming which enhances classroom learning and challenges students intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially
  • Creating communities which are free of harassment and are based on respect and an appreciation of differences
  • Providing activities which allow students to build relationships with each other and lead to tight-knit communities
  • Providing an environment in which students do not have to suffer the second-hand effects of alcohol and other substance abuse
  • Creating a disciplined community which is fair and just
  • Maintaining facilities which are secure, healthy and clean
  • Creating opportunities for students to demonstrate civic responsibility to the LSC community and the community at large
  • Creating opportunities for students to have fun
  • Working collaboratively with Security, Dining Services, Student Life, faculty and other departments on campus to provide an environment which maximizes student potential for personal and academic success

Philosophy Statement on Diversity

The Department of Student Life is committed to creating and sustaining a community that is characterized by sensitivity, acceptance and celebration of differences. We believe that communities are strengthened and enriched by the presence of diversity. To that end we wish to create an environment which is welcoming to people of diverse ethnicity, ability, age, religion, gender and sexual orientation. We are committed to promoting such an environment through our interactions, programs and outreach to students.

We urge you to take this opportunity to learn more about those who are different from you. A willingness to learn about diversity results in increased awareness, strengthened friendships, rich experiences and greater insight. There is perhaps no greater place to explore new horizons that an institution of higher learning.

We are committed to confronting situations of intolerance which seek to destroy the spirit of acceptance and respect. Such acts are irreconcilable with the mission of our college. We urge you to do the same. We must each take responsibility to create a community where all members feel as if they matter and are respected and appreciated.

Expectations of Residence Hall Communities

A residence hall at Lyndon achieves community when the residents within the community:

  • Identify each other by name and know something about each other
  • Establish and foster working relationships with common goals
  • Celebrate individual differences while forming an amalgamation of shared identity and common language
  • Exhibit their mutual trust by looking out for the well-being of others
  • Residents support each other’s intellectual and personal development

Make Sacrifices For The Good Of The Community

The Office of Student Life at Lyndon expects to foster successful residence hall communities. To that end we will work toward the following:

  • Have residents and RA’s who know each other’s names and some pertinent information about each individual
  • Have residents who wish to stay involved in and return to that community
  • Have residents who take pride in identifying with that community
  • Have residents who take responsibility for their actions
  • Respect the sanctity of the residence hall itself
  • Establish a common goal to improve the life in the residence hall
  • Have residents and leaders who work together in consensus
  • Discover and respond to the needs of its residents
  • Sustain the qualities necessary for academic success
  • Grant opportunities for growth to all of its members
  • Pledge to understand and celebrate the diversity inherent in that community


Student Life