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Lyndon is pleased to use Parchment Exchange as our trusted agent for processing all transcript requests as well as delivering academic transcripts electronically. This is a “green initiative” that provides you with the fastest delivery time; is totally secure; and provides you and Lyndon with total tracking of delivery and receipt.

One Time Delivery
If your intended recipient is not a network member (including a transcript sent to yourself), your transcript can still be delivered electronically to anyone, anywhere in the world. Receivers are designated and identified by you, the requester, through the recipient’s email address.

Network Delivery
Many colleges, universities and other agencies are members of Parchment’s secure network and actively receive electronic transcripts. Please check network recipients to see if your intended destination is a network member.

Your transcript is never delivered by email — instead your recipient is notified by email that your transcript is available for pickup at the specific URL identified in the email. To insure prompt delivery and receipt, make sure the recipient knows that you are sending them an electronic transcript and will accept the electronic version. Finally, ask the receiver to white list NoReply@Parchment.com as a safe sender to prevent their email system from blocking the email.

To Order Your Transcript

If you are a current student, or a former student who still has an active Lyndon portal account, you log in to the portal. Your login is your verification of identity so, per Vermont State College policy, NEVER share your log in information with anyone. After logging in, click on the link called “Transcript Request” (to the right of the screen) to access the transcript ordering site.

If you are a former student without an active portal account, please log in to Exchange.Parchment.com. The first time you use this service you will establish an account. The process is simple and asks for name, address, student ID, dates of attendance and other information.

You will pay for your transcript via credit card, and the most current security available is used to protect your credit card and personal information.

Please allow five working days for processing your request; up to 15 working days if your request is at the beginning or end of a semester. Any current or former student who has a “hold” on their account for any reason, such as unpaid fees or outstanding library materials, etc., will not receive transcript services until the reasons for the hold are satisfied.

If you have questions or need additional assistance concerning Parchment Exchange’s transcript ordering service, please contact a member of Lyndon’s Student Services staff.


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