Student Profile: Brady Callahan, Mountain Recreation Management

Brady Callahan '15

You’re working on a Mountain Recreation Management degree with an Adventure Leadership concentration. What would you like to do with your degree and why?

I would like to do some sort of outdoor guiding; something along the education line. The outdoors is definitely my passion and I feel that a lot of people, individuals and organizations are responsible for me being where I am today. I want to give that back to someone.

What is the best part about being a student at Lyndon?

Best part about Lyndon is the things you do outside of the classroom. The extracurricular time you spend being involved in clubs; meeting your professors and going out and spending time with them; practicing things in your field; and spending time with upperclassmen. It’s the most valuable part of Lyndon State.

I’m heavily involved in the Outing Club. Unfortunately, that’s not where all of my money went towards–but that’s where it should’ve. I’ve learned more from helping run the Club and being an active member than I have from anything else. And this gear sale, we do every fall right around October/November historically has been our biggest fundraiser and it’s a pretty big deal so we are stoked to have people come here and sell some gear and buy some gear as well.

What is your happiest moment in life?

I don’t know about my happiest, but I’m definitely at my happiest while rock climbing. Yeah, just the way being on the rock can make you feel is just getting zoned out and mentally having to be in the zone and physically having to be in the zone, nothing else matters but you and the moves that you’re making and the climb that you’re doing and the rock you’re on. Don’t let my girlfriend see that.